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Located in White River State Park in the heart of Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum is a wonderful place to find everything you never expected. Whether you are a visitor to the state or a life-long Hoosier, this world-class institution will allow you to explore Indiana’s past, present and future through artistic, cultural and scientific exhibits. Starting with the birth of earth and tracing Hoosier history into the 21st century, the museum offers an eclectic and ever-changing adventure. Constructed of all Indiana materials including limestone, sandstone, steel, brick and glass, the museum’s exhibit space covers 72,000 square feet, and the organization maintains a collection of more than 400,000 artifacts. From the soaring Great Hall showcasing Robert Indiana’s INDIANA obelisk to 92 pieces of sculpture representing the 92 Indiana counties, even the building itself is a work of art. The museum is the crossroads of everything interesting, educational and unique about the state. The museum's collection began in 1862. The new building opened in 2002.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 6, July 22, 2006
Today was an extremely busy day for the field crew. We began by laying out a grid inside the "Twilight Room" of the cave. It’s critical to know where you are digging so we outline perfect 50x50 cm squares throughout the passage we are working on. Each square is given a specific number so that when we dig stuff up, we can label them in accordance to their square. This is tough stuff in a cave and we spent much time climbing around the cave - in and out of it’s crevices to drop plumb-bobs from our base line (our central reference line). The dig crews legs got totally bruised up.

After lunch, we started digging our newly gridded area. This was wickedly strenuous since our first levels of material to dig consisted of giant rocks and cobbles, which had to be broken up by pick-axe and carried out of the cave by the bucket-load. Needless to say, by the time we finished for the evening, we were extremely worn-out.

Michele Greenan
Archaeology and Natural History Collections Manager
Indiana State Museum